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About Gin Ryu

Gin Ryu Martial Arts Academy is a local, family oriented institution completely dedicated to teaching traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate, with all  its benefits. We provide students, of all ages, the highest quality Karate-do training in a safe, fun and clean  environment.




PREMIERE KARATE TRAINING FACILITY:  Gin Ryu is a new facility, led by 7th degree Black Belt Dwayne L Botts. Here, you will be given top-notch instruction from a leading Karate expert in Central and Eastern Kentucky in a welcoming and safe environment.  The instructor goes out of his way to make the environment one that is condusive to optimal learning and personal growth.


TRADITIONAL JAPANESE SHOTOKAN KARATE FOCUS: Shotokan Karate is a traditional Japanese form of Karate, encompassing more than physical training. Shotokan Karate is a way of life, teaching physical and mental mastery to develop both self-defense and character. Students of Karate are taught to master mind and body, developing: patience, self-control, concentration, self-confidence, courage, strength, and flexibility. In addition, our students are also taught traditional Japanese language throughout their instruction.


STUDENT-FOCUSED TRAINING: Gin Ryu is dedicated to delivering customized classes and programs for adults and youth to achieve unique goals and deliver desired results, whether that be increased self-defense ability, mental strength and fortitude, character traits, or a combination of each. Our focus is on you, the student.


SO MANY ADDED BENEFITS: Many parents tell us they sign their kids up for Karate as a fun activity, but do not expect to get all the added benefits that come with learning the Shotokan Karate way of life. They report that as a result of taking classes,  their children are more patient, self-confident, respectful and better able to concentrate. This has been especially true for children who may struggle with difficulties related to inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity. Adults with similar difficulties have also expressed similar results in improved self-confidence, patience and concentration.


CLEANLINESS & SAFETY: At Gin Ryu, we believe focus and concentration happens in comfortable, safe and clean environments. That's why we invest in keeping a beautiful facility with floors that are steamed every evening. A clean facility is not only safer for our students, but provides increased focus and peace.







About Shihan Dwayne L. Botts

Owner and founder of Gin Ryu, Shihan Dwayne L. Botts is a traditional Menkyo teaching certificate holder, with more than 30 years of martial arts experience. As a former member of the World Congress Martial Arts organization, and a member of the United States National team from 1998 to 2001, Shihan Botts is a recognized expert in traditional Shotokan Karate.


Shihan Botts began martial arts training at the age of nine, to develop confidence and increased self-defense ability. With continued training, Shihan Botts found  a passion for the heritage and traditional teachings of Japanese Shotokan Karate, upon which he teaches today.


Shihan Botts established Gin Ryu to provide the highest quality Karate-do training in Central and Eastern Kentucky, preserving the character and style of traditional Japanese Karate. Combining enrichment in both physical and mental strength, he is especially passionate about delivering exceptional training to children and adults with special needs. Opening his doors to those with daily difficulties with peer acceptance, self-confidence, and physical or cognitive challenges, Shihan Botts strives to provide an environment where everyone is fully accepted and valued as an individual.


"In teaching, I am awarded the opportunity to help individuals within the community experience the same life benefits that I have experienced, in addition to watching them develop as both martial artists and as people. It is in guiding my students through their martial arts journeys that I attain a sense of life fulfillment." - Shihan Dwayne L. Botts

Dojo Etiquette

Gin Ryu Dojo Etiquette

All students are to treat others with respect. Every student is connected in a common pursuit to better themselves physically and mentally. It is important to maintain a friendly and cooperative environment, and to encourage learning and development. 



Each student is to contribute to the effort of maintaining a clean training environment. Not only does this create a safer environment for students, but also one which facilitates clarity of mind for increased learning. 


No food or drink is allowed within the dojo. To further assist in the maintenance of a clean environment, free of distractions, we ask that all food and drink be kept out of the training facility.


Students are to refer to their instructor as 'Shihan' or ‘Sensei’ (as appropriate) while in training. Shotokan Karate encourages respect between teacher and student. Formally addressing your instructor helps to develop this.

All students should strive to arrive to their class on time. If late, the student is asked to enter quietly without disrupting the rest of the class.


Students are required to wear traditional Karate uniforms during training, formally referred to as a 'Gi'.



Prior to the start of each class, students are to engage in Mokuso, a traditional Japanese meditation and breathing exercise. Students will recite the dojo precepts, bow to the school and the art, and exchange bows with instructors and fellow students to show mutual respect.

Dojo Kun

Jinkaku kansei ni tsutomuro koto!
Seek perfection of character

This is the most important kun, and is the ultimate goal of Karate students. It is important to always seek to improve one’s character, as a foundation upon which to build mastery of physical technique and mind.


Makoto no michi o mamoru koto!
Be faithful

To be faithful is to show commitment to others and yourself. It is vitally important to always be true to yourself and others, to build trust and respect with your instructors and fellow students.


Doryoku no seishin o yashinau koto!

It is important to give your best effort in everything you do, whether in Karate training, academics or personal relationships. If you are not giving 100% you negatively impact yourself, and your fellow students.


Reigi omonzuru koto!
Respect others

Shotokan Karate students are called to respect all others. Respect builds humility, which leads to open-mindedness and enables learning.


Kekki no yuu o imashimuru koto!
Refrain from violent behavior

Peace and self-control are emphasized characteristics of Shotokan Karate students. A Karate student should always practice control through inner peace.


Dojo Kun

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child doesn't enjoy their training? Are there long-term commitments?

At Gin Ryu there are no long-term commitments or contracts. Customers pay on a monthly basis, and can end their training whenever they desire. It is our focus to deliver the friendliest and most student-focused environment possible.

Am I too old to start Karate training?

Am I too old to start Karate training?

You are never too old to start Karate training. The benefits of training are applicable to students of all ages, stimulating both mental and physical development. We offer a wide range of classes, spanning all ages, and encourage all interested students to contact us to learn more about their options.

Is Karate safe for my child?


Yes, Karate training is safe for students as young as four years old. We ensure that all training is conducted under close, expert supervision, and with the proper equipment. While Karate is a martial art, designed to teach self-defense through physical contact and movement, and students are taught to exercise control in all physical activities.

Do you teach other martial art forms at Gin Ryu?

At Gin Ryu we focus solely on traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate. We have identified Shotokan Karate as an excellent martial art - rich with heritage and tradition - that provides vast benefit in all areas of life. Due to this, we dedicate ourselves to passionately teaching only Shotokan Karate.

Are all classes in group format, or can I get private lessons?

While group training is standard at Gin Ryu, we do offer private lessons. If you are intersted in private training, please contact Shihan Dwayne L. Botts at, or by calling 859-582-8827

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